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SAP Training

Enrique Zavala Gonzalez
Edad: 33 años | Legajo de Certificación: JR83T

  • Irapuato / Guanajuato / Mexico
  • Profesión: Ingeniero en Sistemas Computacionales
  • Estudios: Universitarios Completos
  • Nivel de Inglés: Intermedio
  • Participacion en Redes Sociales: Linkedin
  • Rango de estudios alcanzado: SAP Training

Certificación alcanzada en:

Disponibilidad Laboral: FullTime

"I am computer software engineer, i want to get all the knowledge as possible to continue growing my professional career in information technology department."



Enrique Zavala Gonzalez ha alcanzado la certificacion que a continuación se detalla.

Certificación Introducción a SAP

Certificación de estudios en Introducción a SAP
Certificado de Egreso Introducción a SAP
Número de Licencia: 7270

Perfil Personal:



Professional Experience

BEST WESTERN PLUS Plaza Florida & Tower

Title: IT Manager

Duration: January 2015 – June 2016


Best Western is one of the best hotel brands worldwide with over 4,000 hotels in over 100 countries.

I worked for BEST WESTERN PLUS Plaza Florida & Tower on a project to update all entire IT Infrastructure follow the new BEST WESTERN standards that the hotel needs to pass inspection cover. This update cover installation and configure devices, networking, websites, planning and decision making, databases, files, suppliers, user training and others.


ü Search, buy, install and configure new computers that covers requirements to install the new hotel software, Visual Matrix Software (Intel® Core™ Processor family, 4-6 GB RAM and Windows 7/8/10 Professional).

ü Coordinate the purchase, installation, training of the new Visual Matrix system, so also keep conversations with Best Western and Image Technology Systems (USA) companies to achieve this goal.

ü Create documentation to keep some processes properly (Room electronic locks, add employees on fingerprint system, etc.).

ü Search, buy, install and configure a new fingerprint device to keep all employee’s data and monitoring their Check in/out.

ü Create Microsoft environment, create Microsoft accounts to link corporate email, share calendars between departments, share documentation using OneDrive, share contacts and tasks between employees.

ü Firebird and MySQL databases maintenance.

ü Update Internet Infrastructure, add switches, antennas and routers, add new firewall/NAT rules and web proxy rules, update bandwidth limits, etc.

ü Supporting all IT Infrastructure (routers, switches, networks, cameras, systems, websites, computers, tablets, mobiles, printers and others) and user’s support.

Environment: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X, Microsoft Server 2000, Microsoft Office 2010/1016, PHP 5, Netbeans, Notepad++, Firebird/MySQL Databases, MySQL Workbench, Filezilla, Routers, Switches, Antennas, Winbox, Epson Printers, iVMS-4000, TimeWork, Visual Matrix, VingCard, mSecure, TightVNC.


Title: Software Engineer

Client: USAA

Duration: February 2014 – July 2014

Project Description:

USAA is a Texas-based Fortune 500 diversified financial services group of companies. USAA has since expanded to offer banking and insurance services to past and present members of the Armed Forces and their immediate families.

I worked in Automation Area, USAA has some websites to manage people accounts, servers, networks, reports, tickets and others. Automation Area receives requirements to improve, develop and maintain modules in those websites.


ü Create new functionalities in their new and existing applications.

ü Update or improve functionalities in their existing applications.

ü Update some HPOO flows to run properly.

ü Successfully release every 2 weeks the tasks assigned.

Environment: J2EE 1.6, Servlet, Wicket Framework, RESTful Web Services, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Dojo, JSON, Maven, MySQL/MS SQL/DB2 Databases, HPOO, IBM Rational Software Arquitect, jEdit, SQuirreL SQL Client, JBoss, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, Citrix.

Tata Consultancy Services

Title: Java Developer and Analyst

Client: Bancomer

Duration: December 2011 - June 2013

Project Description:

Bancomer is a Mexican financial institution and the largest in the country, dominating about 20% of the market.

I worked on Andrea project, Andrea project was a reengineering of Bancomer Online Website (nationally), Bancomer is one of the most important banks in Mexico and Spain, millions of customers access on their online website to do transactions, card payments or services, manage their financial accounts.


ü Analysis of some modules to document its operation and business rules, the documentation was made ​​using UML Bancomer formats.

ü Designing the new functionalities and business rules that were analyzed. New documentation was made using UML Bancomer formats.

ü Development these modules to improve infrastructure, using Java JEE and SGML, using design patterns as DTO, DAO.

ü Developed various reusable Helper and Utility classes, which are used across all the modules of the application.

ü Testing the modules using JUnit and JSON.

ü Improve the code and testing using Sonar, Nexus and Jenkins tools.

ü Check on the servers that all components are up to date and running properly.

ü Create scripts to check small tasks like compare components, find tags in the components, search for duplicate or missing components and others tasks.

ü Teaching and orient new members to the team to work on the project.

Environment: J2EE 1.4, JSP, Servlet, Spring Framework 3, SGML, JSON, JUnit 4, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, UML 2.0, MyEclipse Blue, WebSphere 6, Subversion, Maven, Sonar, Nexus, Jenkins, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2010, IBM Lotus Notes, Linux Debian, Linux commands, Cygwin.

Plaza Florida & Tower

Title: IT Manager

Duration: January 2011 – November 2011


Plaza Florida & Tower is one of the most important hotels in Irapuato city, for years it had more than 80% hotel occupancy.

I worked for Plaza Florida & Tower on a project to update all entire IT Infrastructure having better results and performance for the guests/clients and employees. This update cover installation and configure devices, networking, websites, planning and decision making, databases, files, suppliers and others.


ü Configuration and setup of computers, server, router and switches to manage all the data.

ü Mikrotik router maintains, monitoring performance, creating firewall/NAT rules for the infrastructure, VPN, DHCP, Hotspot, Web Proxy Rules, Pools, traffic monitoring, bandwidth limits, backups/restore and others tasks.

ü Responsible for develop the new BEST WESTERN PLUS Website (www.bwplusplazaflorida.com) using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON and PHP.

ü Firebird database maintenance.

ü Create 2 networks, one network to share data, files, calendar, printers, cameras and systems for work purpose and other network only for Guests/Clients for manage their login and internet usage.

ü Purchasing of IT Equipment and software in line within agreed budgets and looking for better suppliers.

ü Supporting all IT Infrastructure (routers, switches, networks, cameras, systems, websites, computers, tablets, mobiles, printers and others) and user’s issues.

Environment: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, Microsoft Server 2000, Microsoft Office 2007, PHP 5, Netbeans, Notepad++, Firebird Database, Filezilla, Routers, Switches, Winbox, inSSIDer, Ubiquiti Antennas, Brother Printers, Command Prompt Scripts, Apache HTTP Server, Mozilla Sunbird, HotelSoft, VingCard, TightVNC.


Title: IT Junior

Duration: August 2008 – December 2010


JAS Forwarding Worldwide is a leading global freight forwarder and logistics provider with over 3,500 employees in 240 offices worldwide in 80 countries. JAS specializes in customer-focused air, ocean, customs brokerage, warehousing, import and export, and supply chain management.

I worked to manage and maintain the company in Information Technology area, it has 6 offices across Mexico. Planning and decision making, server and database maintain, purchases, devices settings (Desktop, laptop, mobiles, printers, etc.), create and update websites, networking, support and other tasks.


ü Managing information technology in branches: Guadalajara, Mexico, Mexico Airport, Monterrey and other cities.

ü Provided systems administration support for Windows Server 2000/ 2003 systems, backup, user accounts setup, shared data, terminal services and security administration.

ü MS SQL and MySQL databases maintenance, backups, scripts.

ü Creation and update of Web Pages in PHP (Migrating to PHP 5). Creating systems for internal use in the company (Insurance policies, trading system, shared information system, photo gallery and graphical reports).

ü Computer technical support, maintenance and user training on systems over 100 employees.

ü Expanding on networking and communications structure.

ü Mexico office migration, setup new office (Computers, networking, printers, etc.).

Environment: Microsoft Windows XP/7, Microsoft Server 2000/2003, Microsoft Office 2007, MS Visio, PHP 5, JSE, Notepad++, MS SQL/MySQL Databases, Routers, Switches, Dedicated Internet, Xerox/Zebra Printers, Command Prompt Scripts, Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia Studio, Skype, TightVNC.


Spanish: First Language.

English: 90% read, 80% talk and 80% write.

Italian: 50% Read.

Technical Skills

Programming languages: PHP, JSE, J2EE, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Frameworks: Spring, JUnit 4, jQuery, Webix.

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Microsoft Server 2000/2003, Linux Debian/Ubuntu, Mac OS X.

Databases: MS SQL, MySQL, Firebird, DB2.

Tools: Netbeans, MyEclipse Blue, IBM Rational Software Arquitect, jEdit, Maven, Cygwin, SQuirreL SQL Client, MySQL Workbench, Apache HTTP Server, WebSphere, JBoss, Filezilla, Subversion, Sonar, Nexus, Jenkins, HPOO, Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia Studio, Winbox, inSSIDer, HotelSoft, Visual Matrix, VingCard, iVMS-4000, TimeWork, Mozilla Sunbird, Citrix, Skype, TightVNC, mSecure.

Network: Routers, Switches, Ubiquiti Antennas, DHCP, Hotspot, Web Proxy Rules, Firewall/NAT Rules, VPN, Pools, Performance/Traffic Monitoring, Bandwidth Limits, Dedicated Internet, Structured Cabling.

Office: Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2016, MS Visio, Notepad++, IBM Lotus Notes.


Highly organized and disciplined, initiative, responsibility, easy adaptation, available to travel, passion for Information Technology.



Nivel de Inglés: Intermedio

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering.

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara.


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